Wedding Catering Services

South Texas Wedding Catering

Fritz's Catering offers a wide variety of wedding catering services in multiple venues around Central and South Texas. A wedding is all about memories, and making your wedding day the most beautiful special day of your life is Fritz's Catering's commitment. The trained professionals at Fritz's Catering have extensive experience in wedding catering and will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. We want to make sure you receive the wedding of your dreams by working within your budget to bring your wedding reception or wedding rehearsal dinner vision alive!

Fritz's Wedding catering currently includes the following services:

  • On site Visits and Planning
  • Unlimited Phone Assistance
  • Menu Planning, Preparation, and Setup
  • Decorated Buffet Tables, Cake, Gifts, and Registration Tables
  • Cake Cutting Service
  • Bartending and Bar Planning
  • Staffing by Trained and Experienced Wedding Catering Professionals
  • Rental of Furniture, Place Settings, Tents, and Linens
  • Large Variety of Place Settings

Wedding Catering: What Can We Do?

A wedding is an event where a lot of thought goes into planning. Naturally, there is pressure to look good for both bride and groom. You want the guests to be wowed by the arrangements. Food is a key component of that arrangement, and a lot of time and effort should go into how your food is prepared and presented. Good food has a tremendous tendency to steal the show and leave the guests happy and satisfied.

Professional caterers have turned into wedding planners in some respects. If you contact the right caterers, chances are you will get both tremendous and flavorful food, and it is also highly likely the catering company will also be able to take care of food and beverages, arrange for entertainment such as a DJ or a live wedding band, and may even offer up a solution when it comes to final venue setup within your budgetary constraints. Fritz’s Catering provides other services, alongside catering, for the bride, and many brides have been very grateful for the extra help (take a look at our testimonials for more specific details).

A wedding event will not be as memorable if some of these key components are missing or don’t mash up together. Thankfully, Fritz’s Catering consults all decisions with our clients, so that you can show up looking fabulous, knowing everything is set just like you dreamt it.

Food Preparation and Presentation

As mentioned earlier, food is so crucial to the life of the wedding. The guests will not only remember how beautiful the bride looked, but they will also remember how good or bad the food was. It is important that food is not only prepared right and tastes great, but it is also presented in a way that goes along with the theme of the wedding.

The catering is a reflection of the nature and personality of the couple. From the presentation of the cake to how the table is setup, proper presentation and preparation of the food can really do wonders to the overall ambience of the wedding event.

Planning and Arrangement

At the end of the day, a wedding should feel like both a party and festival. It’s a beautiful day in your life, and you want your guests to feel just as happy for you as you are for them. Thus, it is important to provide an environment where they can express their joy and goodwill in the most comfortable fashion.

Fritz’s Catering prides ourselves in creating an environment where guests can freely interact with each other and have a good time. Additionally, catering companies can also extend the help of finding an event site based on your needs and guest count.

Fritz’s Catering has been providing catering services in Texas for over 25 years, so we understand the importance of not only great food, but a great set up. Request a Quote online today. We are excited to help you bring your wedding or event to life!

Whether you want quality food catering or quality decor, Fritz's Catering is there to assist you gladly. We'll create with you your wedding vision, and help to ensure a fantastic experience for you and your guests. Fritz's Catering will handle the hassle, you reap the benefits!