Full Service Catering and Event Planning

Full Service Event Catering

A successful party, meeting, or special event starts with great food, but it takes more than just food to bring your special event together. Fritz's Catering goes beyond good food and catering and helps plan every aspect of your special event. Fritz's Catering will ensure an unforgettable wedding or special event.

There are numerous occasions and holidays throughout the year that end up consuming a lot of your time. Choosing to hire someone to not only coordinate the event, but to cater the event as well, can save you from feeling overwhelmed. Finding the most qualified person to assist with this task is crucial. If you pick the wrong person, your entire day can be tainted, leaving a bad taste in your guests’ mouths. Selecting the perfect coordinator, like Fritz’s Catering, guarantees that no detail will be missed. You will have a event without roadblocks, setbacks, or unhappy guests. With over 25 years of catering services and event planning, you will not be able to find a better fit in any region of Central and South Texas.

Ensure the success of your wedding or special event with Fritz's Catering's many services:

  • Full Service Catering
  • Event Planning
  • Event Coordination
  • Menu Development and Selection
  • Staffing by Trained and Experienced Professionals
  • Rental of Furniture, Place Settings, and Linens
  • Floral and Decoration Selection
  • Beverage and Wine Consultation
  • Special Event Tents

Whatever your wedding or other special event needs may be, Fritz's Catering will help you! Our catering specialists will ensure your event will be extraordinary, with no extra stress on you! We will ensure your guests will have a good time, at whatever venue, with whatever theme, with whatever menu you choose.

Fritz's Catering offers full service catering and event planning to the following locations:

What Does An Event Coordinator Take Care Of?

The basic definition of an event coordinator is a person/persons who is hired to organize, develop, and execute tasks for a specific occasion. So, in a nutshell, this person is essentially hired to steer the ship. Making sure that every vendor is on time, each table setting is in place, and every guest is having the best time imaginable. Their duties go above and beyond just basic time management. When you take a minute to thoroughly examine what is needed in order for your event to run smoothly, you begin to realize that the larger tasks are actually the least of your worries. Little things like making sure the beverages stay cool, that the DJ plays music that keeps the mood upbeat, and that there is room for the guest that did not RSVP. These may seem menial in comparison to the bigger picture, but without proper supervision, one minor slip up can bring the entire event to a pile of rubble. A seasoned event coordinator is able to wear many hats at one time, thus allowing them to have total control on every detail, no matter the significance.

What to Look for in a Professional Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are masters at their craft and some of the skills they utilize are crucial to the job description. They are there to be seen and not heard. To be a silent captain. You ultimately have the final say in what is desired for the occasion, but in order for you to free up more time for socialization and enjoyment, the coordinator handles all of the dirty work. If you want to find an event coordinator that will not only get the job done, but will take your day to a profound level, keep your eyes peeled for these qualities:

The Ability to Think on Their Feet (Problem Solving)

Even though there are methods of learning that help an individual acquire this skill, it is a quality that is very rare. Possessing the ability to quickly adapt to an unknown and unexpected turn in events is a trait that is highly regarded. To then be able to calmly, logically, and sensibly make a decision after careful evaluation is just the icing on the cake. With anything that you put a great amount of planning into, there seems to always be a wrench that is thrown in. When this happens it becomes very easy to go into a panic, but this is what a skilled event coordinator is built for. They immediately gauge the issue/issues at hand and then promptly integrate a solution that covers all bases.

The Gift of Gab (Communication Skills)

Now, this does not necessarily mean what you typically think. An event planner cannot be an individual who is simply able to talk your ear off. They need to be personable, relatable, witty, and very organized. They need to able to keep on task to ensure all of the needs are met on a timely manner.Being stern, yet likable is the ultimate goal. This individual needs to be able to get the urgency and importance across to the vendors, service providers, and all other staff members who are involved in the event. Without this ability to speak eloquently and proficiently to an array of personalities, this can also take a spectacular occasion to an unforgettable nightmare.

Operates Systematically (Organization Skills)

For every positive, there is a negative, so the old saying goes. We are all very well acquainted with this phrase. Nothing seems to ever go entirely as planned, although some moments do go by much more smoothly than others. Hiring an event planner to keep every detail together and on time is possibly the most important quality they need to possess. If the vendors do not show up on time, or to the wrong location, your guest could be without entertainment, beverages, food, etc. None of which is ideal. All of the requirements must be met, and be met on time without a single hitch. The ability to juggle all of these tasks in a systematic manner alleviates a substantial amount of pressure and stress.

Getting Started

Each one of these characteristics should be remembered when looking for an event coordinator to plan your occasion. The gift of being able to balance all of these tasks is one to be admired and with Fritz’s Catering you have the quintessential individual.

If you find yourself being suffocated and overwhelmed by your occasion, you can contact Fritz’s Catering to set up a consultation. While you’re at it, you might as well set up an appointment to sample their delectable mouth watering eats.

Contact Fritz's Catering today at 830-627-1949 and schedule an unforgettable special event!